1. When during the month will I receive my deliveries?

Your monthly deliveries will arrive during the first week of each month. However, don’t worry we will drop you an email a couple days beforehand to let you know when this will be and if you aren’t in we will leave your subscription in your designated safe place and drop a card through the door to let you know we have been.

2. What do I do with my empty tubes?

Not only do we use cardboard tubes instead of plastic bags as much as possible, we also recycle them so that you don’t have to. Once you’ve used up your seed, just leave them on your doorstep before your next delivery day. We will then collect them for you, and they will be re-used as much as possible. We would love to re-use them forever but they do end up with natural wear and tear. So after a life with us, the tube is recycled. Remember, all you need to do is leave them outside your door. We will do the rest.

3. Is delivery included in the cost?

The prices shown include delivery within the New Forest and surrounding area as well as VAT. You can see our inclusive delivery area by clicking HERE. The cost excludes delivery for outside this area.

I don’t live in the New Forest or surrounding area and want to subscribe?

We would still love to deliver to you if you are within the UK. There is a simply a monthly delivery fee of £ that will be added to your subscription payments.

4. Who delivers the tubes?

Tubes in the New Forest and surrounding area are delivered by your Feed the Birds representative. Tubes delivered outside this area are delivered by Hermes.

5. Do I need to be in to receive my order?

We don’t require proof of delivery. We ask you to  simply make suitable arrangements to receive your delivery. The delivery details section of your subscription is important as it allows you to leave instructions of a suitable location where your delivery can be left if you’re not at home. Should you not be in when we deliver we will leave your delivery in your designated safe place and pop a card through the door to let you know we have been. Please ensure your safe place is sheltered as our tubes are not waterproof.

6. How do I update my address or contact details?

If you change address, you’ll need to update us by emailing to ensure that tubes are delivered to the correct address. Please ensure this is done in time to take effect as you will not be refunded for any tubes delivered to the wrong location. Please also ensure you still fall within the inclusive delivery area. Should any of your other contact details change please also email the above address.

7. Do you sell any other products other than bird seed mixes?

Once you become a customer of Feed the Birds you get the benefit of ordering extra bird related products that can be delivered free of charge alongside your current subscription package. These can be ordered simply as and when you need them and require no monthly commitment. These products can vary and details of what is available and how to order will be sent once you have subscribed.

8. Can I order Feed the Birds as a gift?

Yes you certainly can, and they make a perfect present. You have the option to purchase a pre-paid subscription for a recipient Choose from 6 month or 12 month and either our Picnic Mix or Gourmet Feast.

9. Can I subscribe for more than 1 tube per month?

You can subscribe to receive up to 2 bird seed tubes per month if you wish too. You also are able to upgrade your subscription from one tube to two at any point. Simply email to do this.

10. Is there just one seed mix option?

We have 2 bird seed mix options for you to choose from. Our Picnic Mix and our Gourmet Feast. For more information on the two seed mixes please click HERE.

11. How do I cancel?

Should you wish to leave us you can cancel your subscription by emailing or calling 01425 262100 and speaking to a Feed The Birds representative. If you've already paid for your next order, that will be the final tube you receive and no further charges will be made.

You are unable to cancel your Prepaid Subscription mid-term. If you have not finished your Prepaid Subscription term, outstanding tubes within the Prepaid Subscription will be delivered as usual, but your subscription will not be automatically renewed.

12. How do I contact customer services if I am not happy with my subscription?

We hope that this won’t be the case but if for any reason you are dissatisfied with any product you receive from us, please contact our customer services team on